Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Mountain Comes To Me

First I went to the mountain, now the mountain comes to me. Last week I heard a rumor that Leonard Cohen would be kicking off his U.S. tour in Austin, at the Long Center, April 2nd. Roscoe Beck, Austin resident, and musical director for Cohen's nine piece accompaniment, apparently leaked this info to the Statesman. Today, they announced the tour on Cohen's website, confirming that the tour will begin in Austin. I do not know when tickets go on sale, but I will be trying to go see him again on my home turf. 


The Social Utilitarian said...

I snoozed and lost. A couple days ago I ran across a link about a surprise show he did, "first one in x years" kind of stuff and neglected to send you the link. I suspected he might be pulling a Tom Waits, comin' 'round for another round. Cheers to the old guys who still got it in 'em.

Flapjacks said...

do you want to go see this guy? let me know.

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