Friday, January 28, 2011

The Week in Review

We've been open for just over five months now and the reviews have finally come in. Things are favorable for the kitchen team and that makes me happy. We are definitely helping to bring people in to drink beer and we need that.

I'm glad people are out there eating, and enjoying, the food we are putting up. We're having a good time doing it, and the business is steady and increasing at all times. We're able to deal with it in a manner that wasn't possible at the outset, and that makes me feel good. And that's the point, right—pleasing others while doing something you love?! That's like a double super buzz.

In one week we've gotten some love for our bacon toffee, and larger, favorable reviews from the Statesman and the Chronicle. Someday we'll figure out the music thing, and people just might have to live with the modernity of the place until it gets a little more character over time. Yet, all things take time and we'll get there when we do. Until then, we'll keep up the hard work, and sacrifice that makes it all happen and love every minute of it.

Thanks y'all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Garden Comes Along, You Must Pick It

After about a year and a half of back and forth, home, girlfriend's, home, girlfriend's, a garden can severely fall to the wayside. A return to stationary, sedentary living and a pre-existing raised bed are highly conducive to planting and reaping the benefits of a small, high-performing, backyard vegetable garden.

Only the beginning.

I love gardening. Two reasons: nostalgia and bridging the gap. We had a garden growing up, and my mother would pick the goodies and cook them. I thought that was pretty cool. As someone who loves food, has worked with food forever, and has gained an assload of knowledge about the woes of the industrialization of the food chain and all of the bullshit related to that, it just makes sense to turn eight by four feet of yard space you aren't using otherwise into something that can feed you. Healthily.

What I mean by bridging the gap is simple: the end user is the producer. In most cases where end user is also producer, the product is better. People want good shit, that's why they do it themselves. Gardening is no different. It's your garden; grow what you want to eat. I like greens, so that's what I've got right now. Plenty too, and some broccoli, radishes and snow peas.

Best garden gnome ever!

Pea shooter.

With spring coming soon, I'm getting excited about starting seeds indoors for all the chiles and tomatoes I'm going to grow, and plans for my new compost bin are in the works. As for now, it's all brassicas and lettuce. Perfect for a salad. Poach a few farm fresh Alexander Family Farm eggs and you're in business.


Money shot.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What We Talk About When We Talk About Communication

"Will you drop for two burgers medium and a grilled cheese?"
"Is that going with your fish and chips. . .what's that going with?"
"Drop that too."

"New in. . .burger, well done, no cheese, no mustard, no lettuce, no tomato, no onion, on a wheat bun."
"The wheat bun makes it healthy."
"Is that for a child?"
"Hockey puck."

"It's just for decoration, man, that's it and that's all."

"Are you putting lime juice in the chili? There's no lime juice in the chili. Apple cider vinegar."
"Sorry I like to party."

"From where I'm standing, it looks like you're masturbating behind that wall."
"I'm peeling the fuck out of these potatoes."
"Cranking out the chips."
"Best euphemism for masturbation. Ever."

"Go fuck yourself."

"Chicken pot pie. . .[sung to the tune of Live and Let Die]"

"Are you ready for chips for those two burgers medium?"
"Cheesing them now."
"Run tell that."

"What's going on?"
"I broke another fucking yolk. What the fuck? I can't flip a fucking egg?"
"That's the third one tonight."
"You want me to flip that for you, papi?"
"Fuck you."

"That salad was really good. It could have had more of that cheese, though."
"What cheese?"
"The cheese on it."
"Dude, that's avocado."

"When no one is looking, I put bacon fat in the hamburgers."

"Drop that fish and chips for my bar steak."
"Heard, papi."
"Thanks, papi."
"Run sell that."


"Can I get a coldy?"

"Snack plate. New in. . .Snack plate."
"Must be Friday."
"New in. . .snacken platen."

"Fuck me (sound of a ticket printing)."
"Right now, that is the most demoralizing sound I've ever heard."
"It just doesn't stop."
"I guess that's the point, right?"
"Run tell that, homeboy."

"The whistles go woooooooo."

"Hey, y'all. This pork roast was supposed to be a roast chicken."
"Ticket said pork."
"I know. I need it on the fly."
"That's a ten minute pick-up? On the fly my ass."

"What do you want?"
"High Esteem."
Time passes.
"Where's my beer?"
"I got you an iced tea?!"
"Iced tea?"
"That's what you said."
"High Esteem. Why the fuck would I want an iced tea right now?"

"I'm going to the walk-in, y'all need anything?"
"Right, thanks."

"86 the will to live."

"Wings in a bar? Who knew!?"

"Is there anything else y'all need from me?"
"Yeah, get the fuck out of here."
"Ok, papi."

"New in. . .fish and chips, fish and chips, fish and chips. FUCK."
"There's a new ticket."
"New in. . . fuck me. . .fish and chips, mixto, fish and chips, burger medium, bacon, fried egg, add chili."
"Whoever ordered that is my hero right now."

"I'm out of saut├ęs."

"What the fuck is that?"
"Pig face."
"That looks disgusting."
"Wanna try some?"
"Fuck no."
"It's really good."
"I don't care."
"You vegetarians are all the same."


"New in. . .wedge salad, sub cheddar, and ranch."
"Is that necessary?"
"I didn't think you could make a wedge more white trashy."
"Whoever that was just did."

"These fucking eggs are killing me. Why can't I flip an egg?"
"You have to be more confident. The eggs sense your fear. Just like a dog."

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