Friday, January 28, 2011

The Week in Review

We've been open for just over five months now and the reviews have finally come in. Things are favorable for the kitchen team and that makes me happy. We are definitely helping to bring people in to drink beer and we need that.

I'm glad people are out there eating, and enjoying, the food we are putting up. We're having a good time doing it, and the business is steady and increasing at all times. We're able to deal with it in a manner that wasn't possible at the outset, and that makes me feel good. And that's the point, right—pleasing others while doing something you love?! That's like a double super buzz.

In one week we've gotten some love for our bacon toffee, and larger, favorable reviews from the Statesman and the Chronicle. Someday we'll figure out the music thing, and people just might have to live with the modernity of the place until it gets a little more character over time. Yet, all things take time and we'll get there when we do. Until then, we'll keep up the hard work, and sacrifice that makes it all happen and love every minute of it.

Thanks y'all.


PassivePastry said...

so exciting!! you guys better stick around til i get back!

juancho said...

The Friday night crowd seemed to be overwhelming, out the door in fact, but you were taking it all in stride and had it everdthing under control. So cool to see yall actually living your dream. Here's to your continued success.

Marisa said...

wow, i'd never read that statesman article. it's very complimentary.

so cool!

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