Friday, May 29, 2009

No Such Thing

Working in a grocery store makes for an interesting story. I won't tell it today, but I assure you it is interesting. Fortunately, the grocery store I work in happens to sell really high-quality (this term apparently means nothing anymore), local, artisan, organic, craft, and specialty items. We also have receptacles that house items that are damaged, out of date, or otherwise unsell-able for what ever the reason. For the better part of a decade I have relied on the free-box to supplement my purchases and get me through the hard times. 

Vein-clogging goodness oozing into the abyss.

This sandwich was completely free-boxed. Fresh baked [day-old] baguette, meats [out-of-date], lettuce and tomato [wilted, soft — respectively], and Brazos Valley Local Brie [out-of-date]. This is the new frugality. This is recession eating. I am Dionysus.


amenity said...

Sigh...oh working at wv....never out of flaxseed oil or bananas.

Flapjacks said...

bananas!!! bananas!

Laurie said...

Free box chevre and baguettes today....fancy livin' indeed.

TexasDeb said...

Those dates are overly cautious wouldn't you agree?

There was this one woman who came to a breakfast for the homeless and wouldn't accept the free yogurts that were past the sell by date by even a few hours. She accused us of trying to make her sick.

Good to have you back blogging occasionally. Missed you!

Flapjacks said...

sell-by-dates for in house products is health code compliant and usually overly cautious. however, i'd say that should be judged on an item by item basis. trust your nose.

with things like dairy or yogurt you're okay. milk usually has a week from the time you open it. sometimes not (this usually has to do more with the brand, handling, and post-purchase storage). yogurt? when its moldy, its bad. i mean, it's full of bacteria already! cheese? cut off the mold. it's cheese! it's not going bad! unless it is soft cheese and the mold is pervasive.

juancho said...

Time for you to eat something else, that sandwich is beginning to look mighty stale.

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