Sunday, November 29, 2009

What to Do?

I didn't make a pie this year for Thanksgiving. For some reason it's the only time of year I ever get the itch to make one. Well, I guess I should have made one or used protection, 'cause this itch isn't going away and I need to take care of it before it festers.

On the way to work this morning I contemplated pie making and it's place in my near future. I have some ideas for pies that I want to do. Possibly gluten-free pie crusts (but she doesn't like pie?)? Just like the post in the link above, my mind has turned to savory pies. Meat pies. Yummy meat pies filled with goodies (offal). Maybe that deer heart my Pops brought me will go to use in a pie.

Right now I'm just thinking about it (a lot). I usually do an apple pie. "Fancy" apple pie, some might say, but really it is just simple, traditionally produced scratch pie. With my finger more or less on the pulse of glorious seasonal fruit, I find myself thinking about foregoing apples all together. Maybe persimmons would be better, more appropriate? Or kiwi? Or. . .


PassivePastry said...

i'm not a fan of pies.
however, i've never tried a meat pie- so that is the one i would go for.
meat pie. mmmmmm.

TexasDeb said...

I'd rather have pie than cake any day, savory or sweet. Anything in a pastry based delivery system, oh yessssssss.

However you answer your pie quandry I hope like hell you'll share process if not recipes. Your public awaits....

Ryan said...


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