Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Many Maters

It's not even June yet, and here at the Shortcake-Flapjacks estate we've been eating homegrown tomatoes for a month. It seems, as with our wars, there is no end in sight. Those crazy winds from earlier in the week broke the better part of my black cherry and yellow pear plants, and today it seems that spider mites are taking care of the rest of those two former belles-of-the-garden-ball.

Annoying? Yes. Yet, if the Mr. Stripey, sungolds, purple cherokee, romas and early girls can hold out a little longer, we could be harvesting deep in to the fall. Here are some photos:

Sungolds are the bomb.

One day's worth. This was all turned into pico.

Cucumber, cherry tomato salad.

Gluten-free pasta primavera with poached eggs.


Iris said...

Bee-YEW-tiful! Too many maters is a good "problem" to have. I've only lost two to squirrels so far, but we're going to get out the bird netting this weekend. I love sungolds, too, and the bugs and squirrels seem to leave them alone.

Flapjacks said...

get some cats. my bruiser seems to keep the beasts away.

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