Friday, March 27, 2009

My Friend Fuligo

It was not unlike the feeling you get when reuniting with a close friend. I was surprised to see him. It had been a while; I'd nearly forgotten his face. He looked good, strong. He seem to be happy to see me too. The bad thing is he is a nuisance, harmless, but a nuisance nonetheless. He often overstays his welcome; tends to pop back up in my life at the wrong moment. He's somewhat unavoidable. Once you meet him, he's in your life forever. He seems to disappear from time to time, but you know he's around, waiting to resurface. Sometimes, he looks really bad, like dog vomit; others he looks as fresh and appealing as a warm pile of scrambled eggs. It's a shame he is such a lowlife. Slimy bastard. Dirt dweller. Well, I guess he's back. My friend. My friend Fuligo

In some ways it's like he never left.


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