Monday, October 5, 2009

Bold Moves

I've never even heard of Eater. Maybe that says something about me or how little I care for the foodienistas out there in the abyss, but I do find it to be a bold move to put a call out for bloggers to hang up their keyboards "in order to make way for stronger reporting of the food world."

Sure, not all blogs are created equal—I actually don't read more than a handful and haven't had the time to keep mine up and running over the past few months—but there is something disconcerting about a food related website asking bloggers to shut it down for a nominal fee. Poking around on this Eater website, I found the usual poorly written foodie crap that I personally don't care about or write about (who cares about Rocco DiSpirito's newest pitch on his long road to selling out?). So, this leaves me poised to ask why—why ask us to stop writing about our passion? Sounds wack.

I'll ramble about whatever mundane shit I want to motherfucker.

Food bloggers out there, don't do it. Resist the temptation of making a quick $25 bucks and don't stop writing about food. Food bloggers in Austin seem more apt to cover locally produced foods, locally owned restaurants and the scene than some shitty national website that thinks it has its finger on the pulse. This move is nothing new. Eater seems to have a lot of advertising dollars coming in from the Food Network and the like, folks who have turned eating into a sport and homogenized food trends and styles into neat little marketable packages with frosted blonde tips, like Guy Fieri. The idea that they will be releasing an 'Eater's Bill of Rights' today, and that it should be in any way taken serious, is a joke.

Keep writing and cooking and eating and loving food the way you want to, not the way the Big Foodie in the Sky tells you is cool. Fuck that shit.


Iris said...

Agreed. So lame. Actually more than lame, just plain jr. high. I love reading some of the local foodie blogs and get plenty of recipe and restaurant ideas from them. Blog on.

Flapjacks said...

i know i've been neglecting this, but feel inspired to start again. especially after this crap. i guarantee what i have to say about nothing is more exciting then the crapola they're putting out there.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

You go boy....err man!!!!! You are wayyyy better and glad you follow your passions. :O)

TexasDeb said...

If we stop blogging then the terrorists have already won.

I'd say I can't believe this but unfortunately, I can. And, really. Shut down a blog for $25? I'm not even in this conversation until we hit three figures. At least.

One positive about this is the prospect of having you return to the fray Flapper. It will be good to have your distinctive local take back in the mix.

Shadd Scott said...

Corporate giants hate free speech. They are willing to throw pennies at you if you will stop making them look bad with your excellent blog.

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