Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Things You Overhear in a Grocery Store

Can we get some of these bananas?

No. . .they're Dole.

But I want bananas.

NO. They're Dole bananas.

But we always get those bananas.

No we don't.

Why can't we get them?

Cause they keep South America down.


The Social Utilitarian said...

Haaahahaha! Classic.

One time I was working in the bulk aisle and a guy on his cell phone says something like "I'm leaving pretty soon...I'm at HEB."

Even the stonedest among us know Wheatsville when they see it.

mbs said...

Ppl wouldnt know what the f*** ur talkin about if u said i'm at wheat ville, they would say WTF is that and you'd have to explain that hippies still have a little slice of heaven down here on the old guadalupe street in ye olde austin texas bla bla bla bla

erin said...

that father sounds like a bad ass.

ChristaLouWho said...

Also a good one overheard this week:

(from the ice cream freezer aisle)
Son: How 'bout this one?
Father: No no, that one's fat free. We want fat-full.

TexasDeb said...

Love it. To underscore the W'ville difference (and vive la difference!) here's one I overheard while recently touring the newly opened Sprouts on Bee Caves.

Husband: I don't see 'em.
Wife: Me either.
Wife: Well, that's that. No Honey Nut Cheerios, no shopping in this store.
Husband; Well, it was worth a look.

Flapjacks said...


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