Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fast Breaking, and Demolition

Well. The fast is over. It's only a matter of time before food re-enters the equation. This morning I broke my fast with a glass of fress pressed orange juice. It was delicious. When all you've tasted for ten days is a spicy, mapley, lemonade, any change is welcome.

So lonely.

I can't wait to have a cup of coffee. Probably on Saturday. Tonight, miso soup, rice, and kale. Food.

Yesterday, we tore down the building formerly known as the 'shed' at work. This building used to house the majority of the grocery backstock, as well as house the deli walk-in cooler, the freezer (which was used by the refrigerated department, meat, and the deli), and all of the deli's paper goods backstock. 

Farmer's removing the freezer's cooler panels.

Several staffers gathered to watch as the machine ate the shed.

Only to be disappointed -- the machine needed fuel, and there was a refrigeration line that was still hooked up to something.

Tear the roof off the sucka, tear the roof off the sucka.

After a brief delay, it was on again.

Oh no! Someone left the desk in the shed. Ha.


All and all it was a very cathartic experience. Now on to the next phase of the remodel -- the new addition. Very exciting, indeed. 

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Iris said...

So? What was your big meal, once you'd eased into breaking the fast??

(I just improvised a kick-ass curried Alaskan sablefish preparation last night.)

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