Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taco Time: Torchy's

A little under a year ago, Shaddley, in his infinite wisdom, took me to Torchy's. My experience was interesting. The little trailer was cool, the tacos were unreal, and the port-a-potty was bumpin'. If the always appetizing stench of shit was wasn't permeating the cool evening air, it would have been top notch. 

Well, flash forward to Sunday. For my lunch break at work, I coerced a buddy to go down to the Torchy's on the Drag with me. 

This Torchy's does not smell like a construction site, however, it is directly across the street from a Taco Bell. Which is hilarious. 

The marquee said, "Why pay more 79¢ 89¢ 99¢," which was easy to answer...

I haven't eaten at a Taco Bell since 1998. Don't think I'm missing much, except the joy of knowing that the beans go from a powder to a paste in a little gun. That's hip.

"Can you give me a Dirty Sanchez?"

Torchy's Damn Good Taco's are a bit pricey, but they taste fresh, and have great flavor combinations. The names are great as well. 

I went for the Green Chile Pork, and the Taco of the Month - Mr. Pink. The green chile taste was prominent in the GCP, and the pork was tender, pulled goodness. The queso fresco and cilantro was just like a pretty bow on a box of diamond earrings, perfect without it, but even better with it.

Mr. Pink. Oh, Mr. Pink. This taco was possibly the best fish taco I've ever eaten. Perfectly seasoned and seared tuna - nice and rare - complimented by some carrots, green bell, crispy cabbage, and some kind of mayonnaisey sauce. Mr. Pink. Mnnn. He does not tip, by the way.

Little pools of fat are a simple pleasure.

If you are looking for some nice, fresh tacos, Torchy's slams. The Trailer Park is great, get it trashy, with out the lettuce and tomato, just for shits and giggles. And don't forget about the Fried Avocado Taco, it is as good as it sounds.

So. Why pay more? Because the tacos kick ass. Eat some.


shaddley said...

Torchy's, Torchy's,Torchy's!
They actually closed down the little shit shack on Lamar and on 6th.
They are just rocking the restaurant stylee now.
People keep telling me that Taco Deli is better.
I disagree. Seems they're tackling Taco Hell.
Whch is all right by me.
They can drive those fuckers right outta Travis County for all I care.

Flapjacks said...

I've never been to this Taco Deli, and it is terribly inconveniently located. Having a Torchy's close, and open til ten, seems like a great thing.

TexasDeb said...

Boys, boys....If all the Taco Hells closed down tomorrow you think the prices at TacoDeli and/or Torchy's wouldn't just go up up UP?

Not to mention how much longer the lines will get.

Taco Hell ain't hurting nobody. Eat there or ignore them if you must, but let's not shut them down just on your say so, deal?

Next thing you two will be saying that the tacos at Jack in the Box aren't the bomb. And in their own way, they ARE.

And if I am at JintheB in line for a taco fix that means I am not in standing in front of you at Torchy's. See how that works?

Win/win - everybody gets their tacos, and nobody gets hurt.

Laurie said...

Fried avocado tacos are the shit, but they are even better with the Diablo sauce. If the batter isn't vegan, I don't want to know.

I take the kids there when we go to Half Price Books. They think the little devil looks like Logan.

amenity said...

Ahh to have Torchy's at the end of my street again. Taco Deli seems to exist mainly to dose out a token amount of capiscum/excitement to all the suits working in icky office complexes off Barton Skyway.

Flapjacks said...

I had to reprise my visit today, mr. pink and the fried avocado (which was the *shit*). And Deb, ya know, you're right, diversity in taco tastes is a good thing. The folks at Taco Journalist think Torchy's is all hype and no deliverables.

To each is own in this crazy taco town. And at four in the morning... a Crack in the Box taco... isn't all that bad... there, I said it...

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