Monday, September 8, 2008

Fasting: Day Eight

Nearing the end of this most productive fast. I have been doing much thinking. Thinking about food -- eating, cooking, and writing about it -- thinking about my life, what I'm not doing well, what I am doing well, what I want out of it, what it will take to be even more genuinely happy and satisfied with being, etc.

Domestication of the Flapjacks. This has long been a theme in my writing. If I had a nickel for every post about dishes or laundry, well, let's just say I'd be dictating this post... My kitchen was thoroughly cleaned, organized and sorted. I mean, come on, I'm not using the damn thing, so there is no excuse for it to be messy. My living room is livable again. Laundry... we'll not talk about that. 

As stated, there are only two more days of this fast remaining. It's not just like I can jump back in to steak, potatoes, and rich sauces -- no, no. I'll be drinking orange juice on Thursday, which is exciting after only consuming the same thing for 168 hours. Later in that evening I'll have some miso soup. Friday, I'll start with orange juice, and maybe some yogurt and nuts -- cashew sound good. Then I'll progress on to some veggies and grains, before eating real food that evening. I don't really want to do the four day ween on that is suggested. I know my body, and its limits. Just eat smaller portions than usually, and everything will be okay.

It's official. I'm going to London to see Leonard Cohen. Wow. I'll be there from the 8th to the 16th of November. If you know something fun to do, let me know. I'm really excited to go. I'm also going to book reservations to go to St. John, Fergus Henderson's restaurant. Man. Stoked. 

Niki is cracking up!

We have moved into our new offices at work. This is also very exciting. 

Heather enjoying the new break area.

As part of our new digs, we even have a break room! We've never really had a designated space that was for breaking. We've had two 'break tables' since I started, one was in the backstore, amid the hustle (sort of) and bustle, and the second was in the long since demolished Red Door.
Our staff deserve this. Sweet.

Ahh. Well. I'm kinda blissed out. Listening to the Beatles, sippin on some syzurp (maple, grade B) and thankful. Can't ask for much else.


TexasDeb said...

The new staff digs look delightful. Taking a break from work is important. Having that break happen in a nice clean space, set aside for just that, is also important.

However, hope this doesn't mean y'all will end up in there hiding from the Wheatie hoi polloi too often.

Speaking as a Shopper, interacting with staff has been half the fun.

You aren't going to let the cashiers have that fun all to themselves, now...are ya?

Flapjacks said...

hells no. i try and spend the majority of my time on the sales floor. that's where my people are.

Laurie said...

What you can't see in the picture is that the paint fumes actually smelled kinda nice. I knew we were using eco-paints, but I guess I still expected them to stink.

Iris said...

Woo-hoo: fasting success, London trip, and a real break area!!

(I think I've fixed my erratic blog feed, so maybe it will refresh now like you thought it should?)

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