Monday, August 11, 2008

Bloggin' Town

So. Austin seems to be the hotspot for bloggers and blog-readers. The stats? 15% of adults in Austin have contributed to or read a blog in the last 30 days. Crazy.

I'm now hooked on Top Chef. That show is ridiculous, and absorbing. I actually watched eight episodes in a row last night (instead of doing dishes...), and found my self full of fear and loathing. Fear that the people that had integrity and skills would lose due to some stupid formality, and loathing aimed at some of the scumbags and douche bags whose egos get in the way of the good.

On a TV related note (not about the Olympics), I have successfully gotten my buddy Ryan into Twin Peaks. We are nearly halfway through the second season. He is like the fifth person I've really gotten into the Peaks, and the second Ryan... "You wanna play with fire little boy?"

We're going to watch a few tonight. I plan on getting him through the most insane shit of the show, the revelation of Laura's killer. Who dun it? I know who, and you may too. Oh, it is too good. I really can't believe -- and I've watched the whole series about five times -- that a show like that could have ever been on network television. I don't think that shit would fly today.

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