Friday, August 29, 2008

Swad Redux

Okay. C-LaB and I reprised our trip up to Swad this evening, and it was everything that I hoped it could be. First off, we got there via the #1 -- which is an adventure all to its self at 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night -- and it was standing room only when we got on at 38th and Guadalupe.

After a some musical straps and seats we were seated together and discussing the prospects of responsible urban renewal and development. We exited the bus at Lamar and Rutland and made our way over to the strip mall that houses this little gem.

This time we skipped the pakora, samosas and naan, and got the mysore dosa instead. I had seen a dosa being delivered to a table the last time we ate here and recalled that they were fucking huge; we were not disappointed. 

It was absolutely delicious. The crepe was perfectly cooked, and the potato filling --which is much like that of a samosa -- was just spicy enough to excite and entice my palate. 

We both ordered the Thali again. The selection was different this time though, and that alone makes me want to keep ordering it on future trips. 

The Thali had some veg korma, a nice potato and okra dish, a veg mix that was reminiscent of slaw, rasam, honey dipped fried pastries, basmati rice, a yogurt curry that I don't know the name of, some curried chickpeas, riata, and pickle. Oh, and I can't for get the fried breads. Poori, some type of idli, and some cracker bread. 

It never had a chance. 

This place is a hidden gem. After tonight, I'm certain that I prefer Swad to all other Indian joints I've been to in Austin, and I will also say that it is the best vegetarian food I've eaten in Austin, hands down.  If you love Indian cuisine, I strongly recommend Swad. 


Shadd said...

I'm going.
That's all there is to say.
I'm fucking going.

TexasDeb said...

OK so how about a primer? A little translation for those of us who grew up in caves and don't know what all the Indian dishes are comprised of?

Seriously I am Indian Food Stupid which keeps me out of most restaurants due to the intimidation of having no idea what to order although I've loved most of the Indian food I've ever tried.

You got any help there for a slow starter?

Flapjacks said...

sorry about that. where do i start?

Alicia said...

Me too! We've been curious about this place for a while, but apprehensive. Johnny saves the day! We are going! Now you must come all the way up to Parmer and Mopac to review Curry in Hurry. Awesome little vegetarian "fast" Indian food place right by my house.

Flapjacks said...

curry in a hurry? i'll check it out.

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