Friday, August 29, 2008

Did I Really...?

I awoke this morning to see a pale green bowl with a fork sitting in it on the table next to me. I had slept on the couch -- which I do at least once a week -- and had eaten the worst thing possible before going to sleep, about eight ounces of ganache. Straight ganache

I'm glad I brushed my teeth before bed. What the hell was I thinking?

On other fronts, I have managed to watch all four seasons of Top Chef in about three weeks. That's roughly fifty six hours devoted to food porn. The bad thing is, now when  a new season airs I'll have to watch it week to week! Damn it! 

I'm going to be fasting for ten days starting the first. I'll keep everyone posted. I'm sure I'll be missing food pretty quickly.


Iris said...

What the hell were you doing with all that ganache hanging around your house anyway?
Good luck with the fast. (Sounds like torture.)

Flapjacks said...

i made a little bit too much when i made that big fancy meal two weeks ago. eh? i'm not dead yet, but ganache? really?

Iris said...

Really, I'm now confused. Ganache or genache? I'm not a baker, just a flippant chef, so I guess I don't know. Please enlighten.

Flapjacks said...

it's totally ganache. i misspelled it the first go round. it has been corrected. it's about the easiest thing to make, and too good.

TexasDeb said...

I am extremely impressionable. If I watch enough 40's throwback movies I am ready to start smoking cigarettes.

When I was growing up watching Rawhide they always closed the show with an eating around the campfire scene which would make me hungry no matter what.

Now, watching cooking shows makes me frickin' STARVING! I seriously cannot watch Top Chef without a glass of wine and a series of finger foods to nosh on throughout.

If you got away with that many hours of food porn with only putting away a bowl of ganache I think you count yourself L*U*C*K*Y*, my man.

A fast? Really? Ouch!

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