Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's an Honor Just Being Nominated.

Ha. I got an email from my friend Mindy yesterday, informing me that I was the subject of a Craigslist missed connection.

wheatsville johnny - w4m (not austin anymore)

i used to come in for munchies with my obnoxious ex-boyfriend that i could tell you wanted to strangle. i've moved far away but just wanted to throw out that goddamn i had the biggest crush on you. as does probably ever other shopper, women, men,
babies, puppies and kittens, sunflowers...anyway. you have really good energy. peace

Sunflowers? This could be anyone. The strangling seems a bit harsh, and may reflect poorly of my customer service skills...


Laurie said...

Sunflowers? Babies? Kittens? Does she know what Cow did to your hand?

Dude, you have such good energy. Peace! XD

Enjoyed the Swad blog. I might have to go visit there soon.

Anonymous said...

HA! you make me laugh. sorry saba sucked. i've never been a fan. drinks when you can drink!

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