Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bun B at the Parish

Friday night I went to a really solid show. I like gangsta rap, particularly stuff from the Dirty South. Being a Southerner I have to keep it 100 and rep for the South, sayin'? I was stoked to find out a few weeks back that the surviving member of Port Arthur's ground breaking rap group, UGK, was going to be playing at the Parish.

Bun B -- or Bernard Freeman -- is a living legend. Back in December when his partner and best friend Chad "Pimp C" Butler died in his sleep at age 33, a lot of people thought that would be the end. Instead, Bun B has since come out with a great album, II Trill, and is working on a post humus UGK release that was being produced when Pimp died, due out next Spring.

I went and saw the last Bun B show at Emo's and it was great. He is a real showman, and is hard as fuck. This event was way different, and I must say, my mind was blown. This show was part of the Scion Presents series, and was free(!) if you RSVP'd on their website.

After a less than stellar dining experience -- which I'll post about when I have more time -- we made our way over to the Parish. After a decent DJ set -- that was really more like a best of Hip-Hop set -- a great funk band named Orgone came on stage and played a very tight and energetic set. Some great covers were thrown in, such as "Lifted" and "Ain't No Use," which the bands female lead vocalist nailed.

After they finished their set, we got some drinks and got settled. We were confused when the band took the stage again. I didn't think opening acts did two sets? After a few seconds I figured out that we were in store for a treat. The MC came back out -- he was about 4'8" and named Freak Nasty -- and introduced Bun B.

NO WAY. A gangsta rapper with a live backing funk band. This was going to be the shit, and it was. He was on fire and so was the band. Bun B seemed to really be feeling it, and let everyone know it. Of course, he gave mad props to Pimp C several times throughout the show, and took it old school by playing some of UGK's earlier hits like "Pocket Full of Stones," and "One Day." The show blew my mind; I'd never seen such a high energy hip-hop show.

The band and Bun encored with "International Players Anthem," with the female vocalist doing the Willie Hutch "whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, I choose you, baby" parts nearly bringing the entire venue down to rubble. Funkin' A.

Stay Trill.


andres said...

thanks for letting me know about this show bro. :( maybe you should have posted something about how much you would possibly recommend it before the show happened. but it sounds like it was good. :)

andres said...

ohh, these post by "andres" are really and actually "greenwoo- the ancient viking warrior from vietnam"

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