Friday, December 26, 2008

Backyard Bounty

Gardening is great. I suggest that everyone have a food producing garden. Rip up that bullshit, yellow lawn, put in some raised beds, and give yourself the gifts of the Earth. If I were Mayor of this (or any other) town, I would offer property tax subsidies to residents who did just that. This is Texas, and large, grassy lawns just don't make sense. You're wasting water, and prime space for growing your own vegetables, flowers, and herbs. 

I've been eating a lot of turnips, greens, lettuce, and radishes lately. Why? Because that's what I've got around. I'm already looking forward to the diversity of my soon-to-be spring garden. Here are some photographs to inspire you on your path to having your own backyard bounty.

Speckled lettuce.

The patch.

Emerging snow pea.

Wet fennel.


Snow and sleet don't bother me.

Winter garden.

Snow pea in bloom.

Happy eating.


Iris said...

Great-looking veggies! I'm pretty seriously anti-lawn, so I got excited last week when I noticed a neighbor's front lawn being completely torn out. What would they put in? Raised beds? Drought-tolerant perennials? Nope: they replaced the old sod with NEW sod! WTF??

PassivePastry said...

Gardens like that in west Texas are hard if not almost impossible. My family has grown tomatoes, okra, and peppers- that's about it. Us apartment dwellers have a hard time gardening too...

PassivePastry said...

What's the deal? Where's the blogs?

I will have you know I drove in to Austin last night and made a quick stop at the Ville. I had to buy black eyed peas (a little late I guess, all the dry beans were out)
I asked the checker outer guy if "the bearded produce guy" was working.... He said you left earlier.

Why? You might ask.... because I had/have some Cooper's beans just for you!

Happy New Year!

Flapjacks said...

more bearded weirdness to come! beans!

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