Monday, December 1, 2008


November has come and gone. It seemed just a short while ago that I had the ambition to be a short time novelist. Riding high on the success of last year's NaNo, I felt as though it would be an easily accomplishable feat to write fifty thousand words in thirty days. Then life got in the way. 

I fell short of the goal by about twenty thousand words, maybe thirty. It was a poor showing for me this year; there's always next year. This November was possibly better spent traveling dark cities, scrounging for offal, and swilling perfectly pulled pints of cask aged, well brewed, craft ales. Life is hard, I do these things so you don't have to. 


Laurie said...

Yeah, life'll do that. I got about six hundred words in and I was done. I wish I could say that at six hundred words I've simplified the perfect novel, but really, it was just a bunch of words. Maybe next year.

Laurie said...

Oh - did you get the merit badges anyway?

Flapjacks said...

nope. i didn't earn any, well the 5k and 10k... but?!

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