Tuesday, December 9, 2008


2009 will focus on knocking out a long queue of tattoos that I've been meaning to get for several years. Saturday, Marisa and I went to Diablo Rojo and got some punctuation marks. She got the tiniest sarcasm mark (¡) ever, only about an inch tall. I went for the interrobang, since it is something that I find fascinating, and representative of my general state: excited and confused. 




The artist that did our work has the best portfolio up there, and I will be seeing him soon to start working on my four family crest pieces, as well as some food, and co-op related ones. He is also very good at portraits if any of you out there are wanting an Escoffier tattoo, or maybe, Julia...


Iris said...

It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it in real life.

marisalauren said...

don't be hatin' on my small sarcasm mark. i gotta leave space for other things, as my back is probably my primary canvas.

PassivePastry said...

i'm getting my footsy tattoo i've been waiting on for over a year this christmas break.

i'm a fan of itsy bitsy tattoos.... i have a life- sized bug on my shoulder and will get a life sized trail of ants on my foot.

aa said...

It's great Johnny!?!?!?!?
Co-inky-dink: (Groan) I am pretty decided about getting one over x-mas break. Shhh...Don't tell.
Marisa, I think 1 inch is *swell*.

Flapjacks said...

I don't have any size concerns about Marisa tiny tat, and don't recall any hatin' anyway.

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