Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brunch with a Double Serving of O-R-Y

Last Sunday, I hosted a small brunch with two very dear old friends, Jory, and Cory. No lie. Jory and I became friends back in Elementary School, and Cory has been my best friend since I was like eighteen months old. It was cool to have a small reunion (the two them hadn't seen each other in a very long time), and to have some nice brunch type food.

Due to it being before Noon on Sunday, and our Draconian Texas alcohol laws being what they are, we were unable to procure any Champagne or Prosecco. Fortunately, Jory thought ahead, bringing a bottle of white wine with him, and thoughfully picking up some Perrier on his way over. Cory had been assigned the OJ, the juice that is, not breaking into a hotel room to recover lost personal goods, and we were well on our way to early morning libations.

The meal started off with some St. Andres triple cream brie, good ole English Stilton, some head cheese, and some of my homemade apple chutney. Both of my guests eyed the gelatinous pile of aspic and face meat with some trepidation, both eventually trying it. Cory commented that he thought it tasted like bologna. It does. 

Head cheese is good.

Brunch was served, and it was quite the spread: French toast made with locally baked bread, and Alexander Farms eggs, Pederson's applewood smoked bacon, poached wild salmon, and fingerling potatoes with homegrown arugula, cooked in bacon fat, natch. My favorite dish was the French toast. I should make it more often. The potatoes take a close second. Cooking in bacon fat is a right, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Some fuckin' French toast.

I see a pool of artery bound bacon fat!


We all played catch up, drank our Franken-mimosas, and reveled in the goodle days. Unfortunately, I had to kick my guests out after a while, so I could go lose at RISK. This is the second brunch of the season, and I would like to do more on Saturdays. I had that Sunday off by chance, but Sunday is usually my Monday. We should have a blogger's brunch sometime? Thoughts?


TexasDeb said...

Bloggers brunch sounds great to me if you/anybody else are doing the cooking.

I'll surely help supply booze/eat/drink however... Let it not be said I wouldn't bring something to the table.

How many you figure on inviting to this shindig?

Shadd Scott said...

We're in! I'll bring bubbles.
(Not my bulldog).

Iris said...

Me too, me too. I'll bring whatever, including any of my homegrowns. Veggies, that is.

PassivePastry said...

I make mean buttermilk biscuits and scones! (And have no problem inviting myself!)

Flapjacks said...

werd. i'll look at dates. lets shoot for a few weeks. i'll post a firm date soon.

amenity said...

I remember cooking a bad ass brunch with you/Morgan/PhilAndrea etc. back in the day. I think our menu was a bit simpler: giant veggie omelettes and Good-Flow mimosas?

marisalauren said...

i was thinking of inviting myself over for another brunch while reading this, even before your invitation.

blog-readers invited to bloggers brunch..? digga-derr.

Flapjacks said...

de duk er derbbs!!! of course. all commenters welcome.

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