Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be Here Now

Welcome back to the present. I'm done with London postings. I will post about Cohen when I've fully processed the experience. So. It's Thanksgiving week, and for those of us in the grocery biz, this is our busiest time of year. It can be fun, stressful, and a bit nerve racking at times, which is all the better to keep you on your toes. Service must be great, we do not want to disappoint our patrons, for they are shouldering an equal burden, often involving in laws. 


PassivePastry said...

good luck!! grocery stores are CRAZY now!!
I hope i don't have to return for any last minute stuffs.

TexasDeb said...

In laws and out laws - the family table is always potentially risky territory.

I salute not only Wheatsville, but all the grocers everywhere dealing with stressed out cooks and at times bewildered designated shoppers, trying to make sure the pantry is stocked and ready for feasting.

I hope you all enjoy your feasting, whatever shape that takes. For me? The best moment comes when I am having a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast the next morning and know that hurdle has been cleared for the year.

Yum! Pie for breakfast! Now THAT I can be thankful for....

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