Tuesday, November 4, 2008

London Calling: Loose Ends

Well, under ninety six hours to go. I'm stoked. Yesterday, I got off work, hopped on my trusty steed, and dashed down to Congress and Riverside to do some currency exchange at a Wells Fargo. I had to pay five bucks because I'm no longer a member of that bank, and traded in $391.09 for £230.00! This was quite the reality check. I have calculated, more or less, what I'll end up with when I'm over there, and will have to be quite thrifty, but am not fearful.

Damn she's homely.

I got back on the bike, and started heading North again. I kept obsessing over the wind getting in my shoe from the gaping hole in the side of it. I had been talking about getting new shoes for weeks, and just hadn't done it. I made an emergency stop at REI, and bought a pair of slip on Keens, and some synthetic long underwear top, for a cozy base layer. I disposed of my old kicks forthrightly, and went down to the Shoal Creek Saloon, had two beers, and made my way to Bark'n'Purr. 

"Mama always said, 'You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.'"

After navigating the five o'clock traffic, and West Campus, I made it up to 45th and Burnet. I ran in bought the Innova Evo that the beast eats, and went home. I got home, and was all excited to type it up, and get my NaNoWriMo on, but I was pooped, so I crashed out on the couch for a bit. The Professor came by, and we had a beer before the lovely Miss Cruz and crew showed up. We watched some Trailer Park Boys, Flight of the Conchords, and Top Chef. It was tight.

After they left, I needed to eat, but have no money, so I ate that arugula from the garden, and had what possibly may have been the worst meal I've had in months. I had scored some White Mountain Veggie BBQ from the freebox on Sunday, so I sauteed up some bell peppers, and garlic, with the hopes that this would gussy up this shit, but it didn't. I ate it, but I didn't like it. I know now, that I don't like that stuff, and will never put it in my precious mouth again. 

The hours are counting down, I need to pack, and call my bank and let them know I'm leaving the country. I've got a busy week at work, tons of meetings, have to do an evaluation, and stock produce. Time flies, right? Werd.


aa said...

Veggie BBQ is foul, no matter how free it may be. You'll be eating soooo much better momentarily. Bon voyage!

Shadd Scott said...

UFCU: Thanks forcalling UFCU.
How can we be of assistance?

Flappy: hey bank.

UFCU: hey Johnny

Flappy: Listen I am leaving for a while.

UFCU: I will miss you

Flappy: I will miss you, too.

UFCU: When will we see one another again?

Flappy: I don't know.

UFCU: I will be dreaming of you. I can't wait 'till your inserting your card in my ATM again...

Flappy: farewell bank.

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