Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ba-raise the Vote

For the record, I want you to know, dear reader, that you will not see discussions of politics here at The Life and Times of a Bearded Weirdo. I leave that up to other people, at other blogs

That being said, I will say that Monday after I got off work, I went to Fiesta and cast an early vote. Before doing so, I got to work on braising some lamb and beef using a recipe from the Austin Gastronome. I didn't make my own pasta, for I do not own the proper devices, yet... 

I thought about this all day. What pasta would I use? I love the pappardelle, but I haven't seen it in a store -- not even Mandolas has it -- but thought that a nice braised ragout would go well with a toothy, hollow pasta. I decided to use some chiocciole. This looks like a curled rigatone, with one end pinched. It ended up serving its purpose just fine.

I got to work, prepping up the veg, and meats. I used a nice local Loncito's lamb shoulder steak, and some Niman Ranch sirloin. These two cuts were meant for each other. I love my Dutch Oven, the General of my Cast Iron army, so I jump at the chance to whip it out. 

Silence of the Lamb...

I got everything together, went and pulled the lever, and came home to a house that smelled amazing. I was in the garden when the Butcher showed up. We had a beer, and I kicked him down some veggies for his own dinner. 

A few hours, and glasses of Becker Vineyards Texas Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon later, the meat was falling apart, so I started some pasta, cut up some ciabatta, and poured some olive oil. I waited until the pasta was done to sauté my organic king trumpet mushrooms. I tossed it all together, plated it, fancied it up, and ate. 

Inside out Wheatsville T to the rescue...

This is nice. I need a date for one of these dinners. 

Kudos to Mr. Wilson for posting this recipe over at the Gastronome. Braising is one of my favorite techniques, and, well, shit, I like lamb, and beef, have a great source for both at work, so this was a no-brainer. I will be cooking this again over the next few months of the Texas cool-to-cold season. Thank you!

So. Vote so you don't feel like an asshole when someone asks you if you voted, even if you think this system is broken (you can write me in, even though, technically, I'm not legally eligible). Eat good food, hug your neighbor, and love your life. 

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