Monday, October 20, 2008

Talkin' Softball: ASL Championship

Sunday night, Krieg Field hosted the Alternative Softball League championships between the Austin Chronicle and Book People (otherwise known as BookWheatsPeopleVille).

It was  a great game, and the crowd was pumped. I think that the Chronicle's fans were a little more toasted, and were therefore, more rowdy and loud. Carmadillo was in attendance, suffering from conflicting loyalties. Being featured on the cover of the Chronicle with the Cola Sisters, was giving the beast a star complex that may have led to Carmadillo's violation of its owners trust, since his wife is a Book People person.

We had two Wheatsvillians representing our clan on the Book People team. Ryan Vanstone, IT Consultant extraordinaire, and Mike Crissey, Perishables buying madman. Beers were had, and people were excited to see their friends play the softball. 

Gus's dad.


Swing, batta,batta...


This thing.


At one point in the game a former member of the Book People staff streaked around the bases, sliding -- what I can, and will, assume to be painfully -- naked into home. It was great. 

That's gonna leave a mark...

In the end, it was a close game, but those champions of liberal local mediocre media took the the plastic DIY trophy, barely clinching the game 11-9. 

Next season we will have a proper WV team: the Sku's.


TexasDeb said...

Easy out, easy out!

Looks like a fine time was had - apparently McCain has this wrong (among other things), the fabric of America is not totally unraveled after all. Not if a bunch of folks can get together for hot beers and cold dogs and America's game. Go SKUs!

Carm said...

I feel compelled to clarify the Carmadillo issue... it belongs to three "parents", one of whom (me) is in the tank for Bookpeople, one of whom (Avi Hartman) is likewise loyal to the Chronicle, and one of whom (CJ) is Switzerland. Carmy represented BookPeople exclusively before the championship, but it's a magnanimous beast. And, yeah, we couldn't really shit on the Chronicle after they put us on the cover, so...

--Kate, Carmadillo Mom whomse coworkers are now not speaking to her

Flapjacks said...

yeah. well. that happens.

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