Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lettuce Rejoice

Ah. What a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, and I had a nice, full weekend. Free of obligation, I did what I wanted the last two days. I actually slept in on Friday... until like 1:30 pm...

After some bizarre, overwhelming errand running with Marisa, I got some work done out in the garden right around sunset. The lettuce that I'd been meaning to sprout indoors finally got sowed in the ground. 

There was a little outbreak of some Fuligo that wasn't there earlier in the day, but whatever, we're cool now.

I planted five varieties of lettuce: Pirat, Grandpa's Admire, Baby Butterhead, Pablo, and Forellenhof. I also planted some other seeds that needed to be in the ground. Some snow peas, and amish snaps peas, as well as some little round carrots courtesy of Deb. 

My compost pile got another dose of waste, and a new layer of brown. I let my container get too full... Must note that I need to empty it more frequently. I'm still waiting on my landlord to bring me some wood. He is often rather forgetful... 

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