Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Handsome boy.

Cow is a beast, whose exploits have been heralded on the internet for quite some time. He is an insufferable ass, and a ham; proof that animals take after their human companions.

He once put me in the hospital. Fifteen puncture wounds on my hand (scars to prove it). Which swelled up to be the size of a grapefruit. 

He was found in the Wheatsville parking lot by my then co-worker Dexter. Dexter and crew dubbed him Kong/Cow. I stuck with Cow when I adopted him. 

A wee shit.

I took him into my home, shortly after my three year old cat, Piper, ran away after I moved into an apartment. Cow seemed to fill the gap Piper left behind. Piper was a good cat, very large, playful, and vicious. 

Cow is cool now. He has been in three apartments with me over the past twenty eight months. He is an attention whore, and is currently into the in-out-in-out game. He is turning into a mouser and an alley cat (I do have an alley on one side of my garage apartment, which he frequents). 

Hammin'  it up for the cam.

Today I found a mouse head in the yard between the apartment and the front house. I bet it was his doing. He loathes squirrels. He even did that weird sideways running thing towards a pit bull one night. It cracked me up. The guy walking the dog said to his girlfriend, "Did you see that cat?"

Gaurdin' the garden.

He's a cute bastard, but he's still a bastard.

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TexasDeb said...

Cow may be a bastard but he looks like a sweetheart posing for the camera. Reminds me of somebody.....

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