Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fungus Among Us

The garden.

More surprises awaited me this morning in the garden. My friend Fuligo has come back, and seems to have made nice with the turnips. We'll see how nice this slime mold really is. What I found to be interesting, was that Fuligo seemed to bring some friends along to this garden party.

Fuligo is back.

All up on my turnips.

WTF are these?

I have no idea what these little red blobs are. Let's hope they're as harmless as the slime mold. My garden is starting to be like a herpes victim, suffering these unsightly, oozing outbreaks. I told it to use protection, but they never listen. 


In addition to the little, red love bumps, there were some tall, nearly translucent mushrooms growing proudly out of the same spot where Fuligo showed up. Why are the conditions so ripe for these guys to suddenly throw their little frat party in my greens  bed?


Radishes are having mixed results. Some are still sprouts, while it's clear that others are making tasty roots. I have more radishes to plant, as well. 

Beet greens.


Also, I never started my lettuce inside, so I'll be directly sowing those seeds in the fallow half of the Southern plot this week. I have like five or six varieties of lettuce to plant. I'll be poking around on the interwebs looking for some names of these shrooms and fungi.


Laurie said...

The radishes are so cu-u-u-u-te!!!

I've never grown them, but I think I should now.

The mushroom photo is really cool. You might have really good conditions to grow edible ones, or you might be able to clean brownfields...

Can Fungi Help Clean Up Pollution?

TexasDeb said...

After being somewhat grossed out by fungal fraternizing in my Meyer Lemon planter and reading about your greens coming under attack, I am about ready to abandon commercial mulch products for my edibles.

The more I read the more likely it looks that the fungi are being introduced - or perhaps conditions amenable to their partying ways - are coming into play when folks are using commercially bagged shredded tree mulch products.

Maybe it is inevitable, maybe it is contaminated equipment, maybe M. Night got it just slightly off with his "Happening" theorem and it is the fungi working WITH the trees who will take us pesky humans down.

Wait! Did you hear a breeze and then screaming????

Flapjacks said...

I never saw that, and now I don't have to. I haven't liked a M. Night movie since the first one.

From what I read, these fungi live in mulch, and it is probably inevitable to not get some of them. I got my dirt from the Natural Gardener, and they make the blends themselves. ?

Who knows?

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