Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eco-Friendly Gastro-Tourism in London

Today in the New York Times style section there's an article on some new hot spots in London for Eco-Friendly Gastro-Tourism restaurants.  We are definitely going to Fergus Henderson's St. John while I'm there, but a few of these places seem interesting, and delicious. 

As a peddler of local, organic produce, I'm compelled to visit places that serve up this kind of fare. I find it interesting that in a place like Austin, pretty much only the swanky jernts focus on this kind of fare. Places like Mother's, which in my opinion, could benefit from a menu that offers local seasonal produce, or even a change in menu entirely, don't seem to focus on this.

Asti does. They seem to source some nice local meats and veg. Hudson's, and a variety of finer dining establishments seem to desire to sell the local goodies. This makes me think that maybe that's the market for local food in a restaurant setting. I don't know of any -- and I may be totally wrong here -- places that feature local goods that don't serve upscale food. Not that I have a problem with that. 

Anyway. I'm going to go to at least one of the places featured in that article, and I'll let you know if it's as good as gold and what not.


TexasDeb said...

Eastside Cafe? Or their stuff is only out of their own garden mostly? Or are they swernky?

I actually asked (via email) a Mother's co-owner what the community could do to encourage/support their offering more locally grown stuff.

We'll see what (if anything) they say. Mother's is, well the MOTHER of veggie eating here. It would be good if they could step it up with more local stuff.

PassivePastry said...

Sadly (although I'm not too bent out of shape about it) while in England I ate nothing memorable except pub grub, Crunchie candy bars, spotted dick, and wine gums. I'm pretty sure when I go back I'll do things a bit differently.

Flapjacks said...

good comments.

we were discussing this at work, and i think that the local foodie movement mainly includes upscale. it's bizarre.

as for the british food... i hear they eat a lot of blue labeled hienz beans... poooot.

the folks i'm staying with are sri lankan, so i'm hoping they know some places that rock the non-traditional british fare!

Iris said...

I can't believe Mother's isn't even featuring organic veggie dishes and/or local produce by now. I hope they'll step it up soon.

I would add Wink to the list of good local upscale restaurants who make a point of using local organic offerings.

Great Times article: your London trip is going to be so great! Even if those places are pricey, you could try an appetizer and drink, right? That's what I'd do.

Also, Harvey Nichols department store is mentioned (in re Daylesford organic): their food floor (5th) is fairly extensive/interesting and worth a visit if you're in the chichi Knightsbridge neighborhood (Knightsbridge and Hyde Parke Corner tube stops.)

Flapjacks said...

oh, i'll be eating a meal at one of these places. i've already resigned myself to the fact that i'm intentionally blowing money on this trip. yay!

Shadd Scott said...

mmmmm.... uncircumsized spotted dick

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