Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hot and Heavy: Boomerang's

Lunchtime is a struggle for me on a near daily basis. I'll admit it, I'm kinda snobby. When you've worked at the same place for over six years, being excited about lunch spots near your work wanes. 

You're probably thinking, "But you work in  a grocery store?" True. In fact, I work in a great grocery store, with thousands of products that I enjoy, and a solid deli. Being a full time worker means that there are roughly two hundred and sixty days out of the year that I will eat "lunch" at work. If I ate Italian Sandwiches from the deli that often I would die, and my taste buds would strike like SAG members. 

So. I've eaten pretty much everywhere within a mile radius of Wheatsville at least once, with the exception of a few new places, and FINO. I will try them, but all in due time. 

This leads me to the topic of this post: Boomerang's. I tried these gourmet meat and veggie pies a few years back, and wasn't that stoked. Something changed. 

Do the Aussie's really eat these things?

At least once a week, I go and have what I call my "heavy lunch". You see, you can add a "floater" of mash and gravy (not vegetarian) for a nominal fee to the top of your little flaky potless pot pie like thing. This is somewhat decadent. I can tell from the mouthfeel that the pie crust is heavy on the butter, so adding glistening, reflective gravy, and a big starchy pile of potatoes seems a bit absurd.

Steamy and evil.

Deliciously absurd. 

I can see the clouds in my food! 

I usually get either the beef and cheese pie, or the Guinness steak and potato pie when I visit our neighbor. They have several other options, but I don't eat a whole lot of chicken, and if I wanted vegetarian fare (sorry, no vegan fare there), I'd just stay at work. So, I tend to stick to what I like there, and be done with it. 

Boomerang's is a decent, moderately priced venue for a quick, filling lunch, with or without the mash and gravy. 

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Shadd Scott said...

Fino is awesome, for the record.

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